What is true enlightenment?

The Oneness GospelOne who is enlightened loves god supremely.  He or she rises through their own effort and self-reflection.  They see god in everyone, love unconditionally, and are optimistic about life and humanity.

A person who is enlightened has re-imagined their own divinity, which is the true self where all power and potential reside. He or she knows there is no separation – that all beings are one, unified whole. Enlightenment is simply the shift from ego, the separate self, to essence, which is the unified whole. And it takes a high level of conscious awareness to live like this all the time.

Judging by the amount of people I see attending spiritual programs, I would say most are looking to create higher levels of awareness of their unity with the Divine. Many have been seeking for so long they are caught up in the seeking process. Enlightenment is not the end of the road.  It is simply waking up.  It is a shift in perception where a person disengages from old emotions, habits, assumptions, traumas, and conditioning. You no longer live behind the masks you have constructed in order to survive. That is the true transformation.

When you only identify with your separate nature, and don’t embrace unity, which is your real nature, life is nothing more than a series of exercises meant to measure your importance, money, career, or personal appearance against everyone else.

Most people spend too much time championing their own individual causes and comparing their philosophies, success, and religions. They fret over who is right, or not doing it right, or who is on the right side of God. They do not accept the unity that binds humanity at the fundamental level! Once they do, they usually are not concerned with how they look, who has the biggest house and car, and keeping up with the neighbors.

Associate yourself with your universal self or the God Self, and fill yourself with it. That is how you live a life of purpose and an enlightened life.

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