What is ‘The Oneness Movement’?

Oneness is not a religion, cult or faith that demands your conversion or change in your beliefs or practices. It is a system that helps you discover the truth of your own faith through a direct personal experience of the divine. It is not an alternative path but a natural fulfillment of your every spiritual aspiration.

The purpose of the Oneness Movement is to awaken the human family, offering a gift of grace of spiritual opening (flowering of the heart) to all people rather than a few selective seekers as in the past. It is meant to restore wholeness within humanity as well as with the world environment.

The Oneness Movement teachings are coming from India, and originated from a couple named Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan. They consider themselves one unified, avataric consciousness. They are God-realized and were initiating the collective force of unified consciousness in the form of something called the Oneness Blessing. It’s actually Deeksha, but the difference between them and all who have gone before is that they are teaching everyone how to give it. They are interested in creating individual change through this neurobiological event and say it happens through grace, once you invite grace into your being. It’s available for everyone and is currently helping millions of people around the world awaken to a greater sense of self-worth and boundless joy.

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