What is the Ancient Mind?

mindThere is only One Mind.  It sounds quirky, but there is only one mind. Our individual brains are separate within our bodies and the details of our minds are separate, for example, what I prefer, what I like to eat for breakfast, what I think about in my work, or my favorite color. These thoughts are my thoughts, but I am not thinking anything new that someone else has not thought of a thousand years ago.  I have the same fears, emotions, grief, pain that someone has had. We all have experienced the same suffering, it is not unique.

The Mind wants us to create all kinds of concepts and beliefs about our suffering, so it can constantly perpetuate itself. It does not exist without all that chatter. The mind contains the flow of thoughts, emotions, concepts, beliefs, the past and viewpoints, but it also contains fear, jealousy, judgment, or the quest for significance. The Mind is meant to compare, that is the Mind’s job.  And it works the same for every individual in the world.

The Mind is meant to be a tool, something to help us distinguish, compare, and decide.  But instead of making friends with the Mind, we’ve let it run amok. It won’t shut up. We have forgotten how to be quiet, and be engaged in what we are doing or experiencing. Instead, we are caught up in the concept our belief systems, comparisons, or analysis. We need the mind as a great organizer and tool, but it should be working for us, not running our lives. It is up to us to get it under control, be friends with it, and be aware of what it is designed to do.

So, when life becomes overwhelming, remember you can never be free of the Mind, you must become free WITH IT. It always creates a sense of separation, which is where all suffering begins, so first recognize how it is flavoring your present day reality, and just SEE.

Only then will you learn to love the experience of life, free from conditioning and negativity. Nothing is truly falling apart or uncertain; it is the sense of separation the Mind wants you to see.  When you can embrace that thought, and replace uncertainty with love, life will seem better, and all as it should be.

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