What is Christ Consciousness?

09 - Young Woman Praying72Christ consciousness is a reflection of Spirit in creation. It is in me, in you, and in every being, and we realize our Christ consciousness when we are aware of the divinity within ourselves.

Consciousness is infinite totality, a collective awareness that has complete understanding.

It is the true I AM because it exists in the present.  It’s the eternal moment of NOW. Consciousness is a form of awareness. An aware state is also knowing where the individual self ends and the ALL begins. When we want to achieve the state of Christ Consciousness, we want to experience oneness with this ALL that has collective awareness.

Every person has the potential to express the perfection of Christ as Jesus did, by being more ‘Christ like’ in everyday life. Christ consciousness is a state of being. It is God fully reflected in human. This is a person who fully reflects the light, a state of perpetual oneness with the Divine. Spiritual masters are there all the time, but today, many people are able to briefly experience it. It is a state of unconditional love, joy, acceptance, bliss, pure being, and peace.

We practice being ‘a Christ’ by first being aware of who we are and how our words, actions, and deeds affect others. We must be aware of our potential. Liberation is actually the realization that we are so much more than our physical bodies. We are actually ‘essence’ expressing itself as a body, temporarily.

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