What does it mean to live a life of joy?

how do you find joyWhen we filter life through old programming, we cannot experience joy. Most suffering, or blockage to joy, is caused by a lack of present moment awareness.  We are living in the past or the future and we carry too much worry and emotional baggage.

Here are five easy tips to experience more joy in your life:

Make room in your life for joy. Allow yourself to experience what makes you sad. Do you miss a loved one?  Go ahead and think and talk about them.  Although it may bring sadness, don’t fight those feelings. This is part of the healing process that helps you move forward (instead of managing your suffering) so you can enjoy yourself now and not live in the past. Give yourself permission to talk about people you love or miss. Go ahead and grieve, miss a lost job, or acknowledge the tough times. Then give yourself permission to move forward.

Live now. When you dredge up fear, self-doubt, regret, worries and old emotions you are living in the past.  In order to experience joy and improve your current situation you need to accept where you are, at this very moment because you cannot be anywhere else. Replace fear with gratitude for what you have and bring in the energy of love. Anchor yourself in the here and now.

Think like a child. Children live for the moment.  Even kids with cancer find something to smile about because they live one day at a time. They cannot think ahead to the future, and they stay centered in each day.  We can learn a lot from them.

Enjoy the simple things.  Simple acts are joyful.  You cannot be an awakened individual until you take pleasure in the smallest of things: a sip of coffee, noticing nature around you, watching a movie.  Practice. You’ll be surprised what a difference in makes in your day.

Find your passion. There must be something that makes you very happy.  It could be cooking, singing, painting, dancing, or anything that helps you grow. Joy is healthy and infectious and when we are fully immersed in a joyful activity those vibrations project outward. If you are being joyful, it will uplift everyone in the vicinity.

True joy is deeper than any sorrow, stronger than any disappointment. Trust the power within to help me overcome sorrow, anger or grief, to remind me that life is good. Each day awaken to joy!
Many Blessings,

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