The Oneness Gospel

Charlene Proctor’s Journey to Joy Video Series

Your Journey to Joy series is designed to help you search from within to look for what you need to create your own personal journey to joy and happiness. You will receive 1 video lesson each day for the next 5 days via email presented by the renowned author, researcher and educator who coaches and speaks on positive thinking, self-discipline and empowerment. Watch Day 1 below and sign up for all of the videos to be sent to you for 5 days. When you sign up you will also get several downloadable gifts and additional messages of encouragement from Dr. Charlene Proctor.

Make Room For Joy

Dr. Charlene Proctor guides you on your journey to making room for joy. Discover that we’re each afraid to experience suffering, but to be finished with it, you must allow those feelings to come. When there is resistance, there is no room for joy.

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