How does an ordinary person become a “Divine Human?”

09 - Young Woman Praying72The Divine Human is one who knows their True Self. The Divine self, or the antaryamin (Divine Indweller) is the higher self, or the god or realized self. It is the knowledge that we are unlimited because we can never be outside of All That Is. When we open up to this, we expand our potential on many levels: in work, in our relationships, in our ability to love and be joyful.

We can never understand or experience God through someone else’s eyes, nor experience the same self-development path of another individual.  All humans will be on their own individual path to this knowledge, in this lifetime or in other lifetimes.  All truth is developed through individual insight. However, the following principles will help guide your path, and help you to be more authentic and at ease with life during your process. These principles speak to universal truth and the essence of what it means to lead a spiritual life:

  1. First understand yourself and your relationship to the Divine.
  2. Know that the journey begins where you are, not where you want to be. Consider life as it is and accept it. See reality clearly. Put your spiritual development at the top of your list.
  3. Revere the Divine. Live with awareness of your inner God. Place the creator where he belongs: in you.
  4. Love God with your heart and soul. Feel the freedom and joy of doing so.
  5. Seek truth everywhere, and don’t limit yourself to one faith or wisdom tradition. Read. Question everything. Come up with a version that works for you.
  6. Invite God’s love. Ask for grace and know you are never alone.
  7. Be authentic. Learn to be at ease with yourself. Authenticity lays the groundwork for self-love.
  8. Be a spiritual peacemaker. See yourself as the change you wish to see in the world. Be peaceful and open to forgiveness.
  9. Choose to live in the energy of unconditional love and abandon your judging mind. Learn to love the experience of life, free from conditioning and negativity.
  10. Adopt spiritual practices that make sense to you and understand their meaning. Pray with passion and clarity. Meditate often.
  11. Use auspicious language and don’t allow your thoughts and words to turn into negative stories and illusions.
  12. See God everywhere. Mention God often. Talk about God and say “God” with gusto.
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