How do we open to the flow of Divine Grace?

dove graceGrace is the holy presence. It is an experience. Allow it to be a primary connection to your Source. This is the place you know you are taken care of, when life has meaning. A lack of trust means you do not know grace. It shifts your perception of life.

Love is the foundation of grace and the activity of the Divine. It is Divine Love helping you and healing you. It is like a mother who offers comfort and warmth, who folds you into her lap. There is no effort required on our behalf, and we should offer no resistance. It is free, on the house, available to everyone. It is an energy that is always there but we often don’t recognize it. When we change our perceptions on grace, and allow it to enter our experience, there is progress in the form of personal transformation and healing – a move forward in all areas.  There is a re-ordering taking place. There is peace. It is not a concept or an idea, but the holy presence. All you have to do is ask God for grace.  It is that simple.

When we fall from grace, it does not mean we are sinners. It means we have forgotten our connection with the Divine Presence! When you ‘come back into grace’ it doesn’t mean we have chosen the right religion nor done something amazing to impress God. It means we have remembered who we are as beings of light here on the plant. We have simply remembered our connection.

Every Blessing,

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