Consciousness bring people of different beliefs to more common ground

skyWe don’t have a body that is sometimes conscious: we are consciousness that is sometimes aware of a physical body.  Consciousness observes.  It experiences. Consciousness wants to experience life though you because it desires to know. Pure intellect cannot truly know anything. You cannot read a recipe for cassoulet, memorize how to combine a variety of ingredients, and know what it tastes like or smells like. You cannot experience the robustness of French cooking by reading a book or understanding a concept. So, no matter our wisdom tradition, to fully experience life, we must allow spirit to live through us.  When we are aware of ‘living life from the inside out’ and choose higher thoughts, we know God is projecting though us.  We are learning to fully reflect the light inside.

All form is thought.  Lower thought forms have distorted vibrations. When we project a lower vibration, and a lower state of consciousness, we will create discord and negativity. Lower thought forms are hate, exploitation, separation, selfishness, spite, and anger.  They are sticky. Higher thought forms, and higher conscious awareness, are simply being aware of God. Fill yourself with love. Love is constructive, non-resistant, and acts creatively.

If everyone could practice this a little bit each day, we would all flow with life and notice what we have in common, rather than our differences, which are only an illusion.

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