Conscious Co-creation – How can we learn to create consciously with the Divine?

Conscious co-creationConscious creation is about you co-existing with the creator while you are doing. It’s an on-going partnership. It is a give-and-take relationship – a partnership of learning, and teaching. God cannot teach you anything if he/she does it all for you. Do you think you will learn how to ride a bike without ever falling down?

There are two principles to conscious creation: (1) manifesting what you desire with clarity and passion, and (2) understanding and using the I AM power. Emmet Fox, a 1940’s New Thought minister said that you need to know what you want with great clarity and be able to feel its impact or presence in your life before you receive it.  You are actually vibrating at the level of the thing or situation you want. If you desire money, then deep inside, feel what it is like to have great wealth. If you want a peaceful life, than be peaceful, then resonate at the level of peace.

Conscious co-creation is also about your relationship with the Divine. Whether Yahweh, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus or the Goddess, or whoever your image of Divinity is, it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is to know your potential resides in the space where you realize you are unlimited substance. You are actually embodied spirit. You are the I AM presence. At its basic, most fundamental level, that is the premise of positive thinking and manifestation.  You’ve got to vibrate your highest level thought, and learn to resonate with the pattern of the Divine.  When you do, through prayer, meditation, or doing any activity that consciously puts you in the arms of the Divine, then you are raising your vibration to attract THAT WHICH IS. You are vibrating with the level of the Divine.

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