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The largest diseases of western culture

We manage our suffering rather than coming to terms with it and moving through it.  Instead we manage our suffering. There will always be suffering. We suffer when [..]

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The process of becoming a “Divine Human” – How does an ordinary person become a “Divine Human?”

The Divine Human is one who knows their True Self. The Divine self, or the antaryamin (Divine Indweller) is the higher self, or the god or realized self. [..]

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Grace as a vital part of our lives – How do we open to the flow of Divine Grace?

Grace is the holy presence. It is an experience. Allow it to be a primary connection to your Source. This is the place you know you are taken [..]

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A Spiritual Transformation Gives You Joy in Simple Things

Bhagavan makes spirituality easy, and says it is the amount of joy you have in your life. It is not measured by how many hours you meditate. Everyone, [..]

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Belief in separation obstructs our perception of unity

To claim the birthright of our own divinity, we must care of our personal business first. When we develop self-awareness, we make room for the Presence to work [..]

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We belong to God and not a particular religion

Spiritual individuals who don’t identify with an institutional church tend to want to skip the religious labels. They might refer to themselves as “spiritual,” but not “religious,” because [..]

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Enlightenment is a Process

Although “enlightenment” means awakening to our God-self within, it is a word with a lot of nuances. It suggests that spirituality is a destination we reach after we [..]

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Thought for the Day: Never Hide Your Light

Many people feel it is humble or saintly to diminish their capabilities and talents, but there are passages in the Bible that tell us otherwise. Because we are [..]

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Affirmations that help you develop resiliency and strength

Grief From Loss My Heartache fills my entire body today, but I know the love I have for this person who has crossed over is far greater than [..]

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How can we Embrace the Positive and Negative Sides of Life

Change your outlook on change. This is ‘big picture’ thinking. While major upheavals in life can be challenging, you still need to view adversity as change, not as [..]

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