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What is unconditional love?

Unconditional love is a complete disengagement from the judging mind, and seeing God, or the light, in another individual. To love another person unconditionally means that you see [..]


What is the Ancient Mind?

There is only One Mind.  It sounds quirky, but there is only one mind. Our individual brains are separate within our bodies and the details of our minds [..]

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Consciousness bring people of different beliefs to more common ground

We don’t have a body that is sometimes conscious: we are consciousness that is sometimes aware of a physical body.  Consciousness observes.  It experiences. Consciousness wants to experience [..]

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What is Christ Consciousness?

Christ consciousness is a reflection of Spirit in creation. It is in me, in you, and in every being, and we realize our Christ consciousness when we are [..]

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What is true enlightenment?

One who is enlightened loves god supremely.  He or she rises through their own effort and self-reflection.  They see god in everyone, love unconditionally, and are optimistic about [..]

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How does an ordinary person become a “Divine Human?”

The Divine Human is one who knows their True Self. The Divine self, or the antaryamin (Divine Indweller) is the higher self, or the god or realized self. [..]

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How do we open to the flow of Divine Grace?

Grace is the holy presence. It is an experience. Allow it to be a primary connection to your Source. This is the place you know you are taken [..]

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Conscious Co-creation – How can we learn to create consciously with the Divine?

Conscious creation is about you co-existing with the creator while you are doing. It’s an on-going partnership. It is a give-and-take relationship – a partnership of learning, and [..]

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What is ‘The Oneness Movement’?

Oneness is not a religion, cult or faith that demands your conversion or change in your beliefs or practices. It is a system that helps you discover the [..]


The Oneness Gospel on Let’s Talk About Books Interview

Charlene Proctor, Ph.D. on Let’s Talk About Books with host Stephanie Gunning as she shares her inspiration for her new book “The Oneness Gospel: Birthing the Christ Consciousness [..]

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